Merry Christmas Everyone
Posted on 20-12-2015

Nearly the end of another fantastic WABBA Year!

In what has been a truly amazing year for WABBA and it's followers, despite the ongoing arument about who is 'recognised' and who is not, those who do a little research know that WABBA remains as the only fully independent training organisation who are also the wind up toy longest established in the UK to offer fitness industry qualifications. Here long before the current crop of training course providers who have only been on the scene for a few years whilst WABBA has a truly global following in 87 countries for it's recognised personal trainers, fitness instructors, bodybuilding and strength coaches.

Alan Runacres, Founder of WABBA Qualifications said ‘‘this year has been yet another example of the WABBA way’. Our graduates become success story's and pass on the word for others to follow. As the longest established and most experienced trainers in the UK fitness industry, WABBA are delighted to have taken on board several training partners during 2013 who will help shape the future of WABBA and the quality of the elite fitness Industry personnel we train to work around the world each year’’.