Considering Starting a Personal Trainer Business? Here’s Some Important Information

A short list of just a few of the key factors involved in opening a successful personal trainer business.

Personal Trainer Business Owning their own business is a dream many people have. It takes a special type of person, one with plenty of drive and ambition, to succeed in what can be a very difficult endeavour. For example, many¬† people working as personal trainers in gyms and fitness centres would prefer having an independent business, rather than working for someone else. If you’re one of these people, there’s a lot to consider. Read on for a short list of just a few of the key factors involved in opening a successful personal trainer business.

Factor #1: Self-Knowledge

Before proceeding very far, it’s wise to take a frank and serious look at yourself. Although the idea of being an independent business owner is attractive, you need the right personality to make it work. It’s essential to be a self-starter, and be able to work independently and efficiently. You’ll also need plenty of patience, along with the ability to follow through, and handle multiple tasks. Prepare for your energy and “people skills” to be tested. If you’re not comfortable with even these basic traits, a personal trainer business may not be for you.

Factor #2: Certification

Apart from having the right personality and motivation, the next most important thing you’ll need is a valid personal training certificate from an accredited and recognised UK provider. Clients who put themselves in the hands of a personal trainer want to be assured that the trainer holds the appropriate certificates from accredited organisations. At the very least, you should have certificates in CPR and first aid.

Factor #3: Insurance

Let’s face it: we live in a litigious society. If you intend to open a personal training business, you’ll need to attend to the basic mechanics of good business practice. Having adequate insurance will give both you and your clients peace of mind. So check around for the best price, get some advice from an insurance professional, and always keep your cover current.

Factor #4: Marketing

So, how will clients find you? Or how will you find clients? A sound business and marketing plan is essential. Even if you have a limited budget, do plan to have some business cards made up. Also, allow for some modest, but eye-catching ads in your local newspaper. You might want to offer free introductory sessions. These can be of short duration, but will give prospective clients an idea of what you and your programme are all about.

Factor #5: Well-Designed Sessions

Give a good deal of thought to how you will organise your sessions with clients. In an initial session, you might want to discuss with the client what his or her fitness goals are. It’s also important to ask some general lifestyle-related questions, along with a few basic health questions. This information will help you tailor and target subsequent sessions to that client’s specific needs and expectations.

To have a successful personal trainer business, you need a surprisingly broad range of skills, training, and abilities.

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