Personal Trainer Qualification: Helping Clients Get and Stay Fit

Personal Trainer Qualification

Personal Trainer Qualification

If you’ve always had an interest in fitness and related fields, you should consider becoming a personal trainer. Personal trainers help their clients to set and reach fitness goals in an organised and safe way. The fitness industry is booming. If you’d like to cash in, and begin a career that’s people-oriented and highly rewarding, then choosing to pursue your personal trainer qualification and certification deserves serious consideration. So, what exactly does a personal trainer do? In short, a personal trainer educates, motivates, and coaches clients, using exercise programmes tailored to meet clients’ specific needs and goals. The best and most successful personal trainers have successfully completed a personal training qualification course.

Personal Trainer Qualification: Job Overview

A personal trainer generally interacts with clients in scheduled sessions that can be up to 1 hour long. The content of the session is highly variable, but it may involve using weights and machines, doing aerobic training, strength training or flexibility training. Some personal trainers also counsel their clients in nutrition and healthy living. During a typical session, the trainer observes and tracks the client’s progress, ensuring that exercises are performed correctly. Personal trainers use techniques like body fat testing and heart rate monitoring, so that clients get maximum benefits from their workouts, and make positive lifestyle changes. Many personal trainers work in gyms and health clubs. There’s also a high demand for them in leisure venues like resorts, cruise ships, and spas. Other personal trainers find jobs in corporate and institutional wellness programmes. As a personal trainer, you can choose to work in an organisation, or to strike out independently on your own. Regardless of what path you choose, the first step is to enrol in a personal trainer qualification course to earn those all-important professional certifications and credentials.

Personal Trainer Qualification: Specific Job Duties and Requirements

Many people who earn their personal trainer qualification begin their careers working in gyms, health clubs, and other fitness venues. Typical job responsibilities of a personal trainer are to provide comprehensive and beneficial one-on-one sessions with clients that promote a health and fitness programme that’s been custom-tailored for them. Part of the process is to assist clients in setting and achieving reasonable goals. A personal trainer also ensures that clients use fitness equipment correctly, and encourages them to tailor their fitness regimen to what’s comfortable and achievable for them. The ultimate goal of a personal trainer should be to transform their clients into committed, independent exercisers.

Personal Trainer Qualification: More about Duties and Activities

The best personal trainers are well prepared. For that reason, they generally hold certificates in CPR and first aid, as well as professional certifications. They keep written records of their clients’ programmes and progress. They also are punctual, professional, and committed to maintaining and enhancing their certifications through continuing education.

Obtaining personal trainer qualification and certification is the first step toward what is likely to be a highly satisfying and highly lucrative career


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