Personal Training Qualification: Do You Have What It Takes

A Personal training qualification is a key component for success in this arena, and ensures the consistent delivery of high quality services.

Personal Training Qualification Good personal trainers have a surprisingly large and varied set of skills and qualifications. While this may not be immediately apparent, the personal training industry has its own unique set of characteristics, practices, and requirements. A Personal training qualification is a key component for success in this arena, and ensures the consistent delivery of high quality services. If you’re interested in becoming a personal trainer, read on for an overview of what’s involved.

Characteristics of a Successful Personal Trainer

Although not everyone will have all the qualities listed below, it’s essential to understand what makes a good personal trainer, and to take a serious look at yourself, while considering the following key characteristics:

  • Friendly and extroverted personality: To engage and motivate your clients, you need to be approachable and outgoing. All the theoretical knowledge in the world won’t make you a good personal trainer, unless you have an all-important set of “people skills” that enable you to empathise with your clients.
  • Good communication skills: Many of the underlying ideas and practices in the fitness field are based on complex scientific principles, such as exercise physiology, and even psychology. To be successful, you must be able to translate complicated ideas and theories into simple terms and plain language that’s easy for your clients to understand.
  • Personal magnetism: Also called charisma, this is a quality that allows you to command attention from others. People regard you as an authority, and accept your tutelage eagerly. There’s more to it though – even if you are charismatic, you won’t go far without having a deeper understanding of both yourself and those around you.
  • Willingness to learn new skills: The fitness field is constantly changing. New theories and practices arise, supplanting older ones with surprising regularity. As a personal trainer, you have a responsibility to keep up with changes in the industry, and to learn new ways of helping your clients. An ongoing personal training qualification will keep your skills current.
  • Good organisational skills: As a personal trainer, you work with very little supervision or guidance. This means you need the ability to manage your time effectively, to act independently, and to make sound decisions. Along with these organisational skills goes the ability to be adaptable and flexible.

The Importance of Getting Certified

To ensure a successful career as a personal trainer, it’s essential to get certified. In the UK, there’s an organisation called the Register of Exercise Professional (REPs) that sets the standards for those working in the field. Using a system based on self-regulation, REPs maintains a set of industry-based qualifications and competencies that apply to practitioners in the fitness industry, including personal trainers. Also known as the Exercise Register, REPs operates in the UK, and across the world, to recognise the personal achievements and competencies of qualified exercise professionals. In addition, the organisation has a stringent code of ethical practice.

Along with having the right personality traits, holding a certification will validate your personal training qualification, as well as give you enhanced credibility with your clients.

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